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Commercial WeatherStripping

Located in Saint-Eustache, Les Entreprises JSDR inc. can handle any weatherstripping for the commercial sector.

Service zones: Laval - Montréal - North Shore - South Shore - Montérégie - Lanaudière - Laurentians

Hire our commercial weatherstripping professionals

Les Entreprises JSDR inc. can handle any weatherstripping for the commercial sector.

In most cases, leaks and infiltration problems at commercial buildings are caused by worn, dried or peeled away seals. We address this problem by applying a strong sealant on doors and windows, which also works to reduce energy consumption at your commercial space.

Weatherproofing professionals for the commercial sector

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 Calfeutrage résidentiel Saint-Eustache

Established weatherstripping experience

The team at Les Entreprises JSDR inc. is recognized for their industry know-how in all matters related to commercial weatherstripping.

We can also handle projects that involve working high above ground level.

Any openings at your commercial building must remain in good condition to be able to withstand the changing weather, but also to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature throughout the whole space. We repair the joints and any cracks in doors and windows to prevent air and water infiltration. As weatherstripping professionals, we use high-quality sealants that are suitable for all types of commercial clients.

Say goodbye to water and air infiltration problems!

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Certificat de garantie

À la fin de nos travaux de calfeutrage ou de restauration, nous vous remettrons un certificat de garantie comportant les avantages

  • Garantie de 5 ans des Entreprises JSDR inc. sur la main d’œuvre
  • Garantie de 10 ans du manufacturier sur tous les scellants

Produits utilisés

Les Entreprises JSDR inc. utilisent des scellants de haute qualité pour effectuer des travaux de calfeutrage. Ces scellants sont choisis en fonction de la surface à traiter et utilisés en conformité aux normes de l’industrie. Voici quelques-unes des marques d’agents de scellement de joints que nous utilisons :

Associations professionnelles