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Residential WeatherStripping

Located on Montréal's North Shore, Les Entreprises JSDR inc. is the company name to remember for all residential weatherstripping.

A responsive and attentive team is available to handle any of your projects.

Weatherproofing, a good way to reduce residential energy use

Les Entreprises JSDR inc. can handle any residential weatherstripping, a service that can effectively reduce a home’s energy consumption. This process has two important roles: to prevent cold air from entering, and to keep hot air inside your building. Our service technicians use a wide range of state-of-the-art tools and equipment to securely seal all joints on your doors, windows, other glass structures, floors, etc. At your request, we can also handle any commercial weatherstripping.

An excellent solution to ensure optimal heating

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Trust residential weatherstripping specialists

Our weatherstripping products are resistant to the changing climate and temperature fluctuations. We have mastered various techniques for sealing joints and guarantee flawless results! Regardless of your home’s size and design, we focus all our attention on your satisfaction.

If you are looking for residential weatherproofing professionals in Montréal, Laval, Lanaudière or even in the Laurentians, look no further. Les Entreprises JSDR inc. is the partner you need.

Solid and high-quality weatherstripping

Phases of weatherproofing:

  • Removal of old sealant
  • Application of Ethafoam ™ rods
  • Tidying the installation area
  • Application of new sealant


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Certificat de garantie

À la fin de nos travaux de calfeutrage ou de restauration, nous vous remettrons un certificat de garantie comportant les avantages

  • Garantie de 5 ans des Entreprises JSDR inc. sur la main d’œuvre
  • Garantie de 10 ans du manufacturier sur tous les scellants

Produits utilisés

Les Entreprises JSDR inc. utilisent des scellants de haute qualité pour effectuer des travaux de calfeutrage. Ces scellants sont choisis en fonction de la surface à traiter et utilisés en conformité aux normes de l’industrie. Voici quelques-unes des marques d’agents de scellement de joints que nous utilisons :

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