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Steps Involved in Caulking

Sealant Replacement

Whether you wish to prevent mould build-up or repair an old and worn sealant, Les Entreprises JSDR inc. has you covered. Our effective caulking process comprises the following steps :

Removal of the Old Sealant

The first step involves completely removing the old sealant using a high-powered multipurpose tool. This will facilitate the application of the new sealant and achieve improved airtightness at the end of the process.

Application of Ethafoam™ Backer Rods

This step is necessary when the joints are too large, and the sealant alone is not enough. Applying Ethafoam™ backer rods to the joints will create a suitable base for supporting the new sealant.

Surface Cleaning

The third step involves cleaning all surfaces and applying a primer to ensure that no dirt or dust interferes with the adhesion of the new sealant.

Application of the New Sealant

The fourth step consists in applying a new superior-quality sealant according to the manufacturers' technical specifications and smoothing the joints to improve waterproofing.


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