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Waterproof your building

Les Entreprises JSDR inc. specializes in weatherproofing, applying a sealant that prevents water leaks and heat loss. We can apply caulking techniques to various joints in your home or building, such as:

  • joints de portes et de fenêtres
  • joints de contrôle et d’expansion
  • Fire-resistant seals
  • Thermal glass and skylight joints
  • Brick joints
  • Concrete floor joints

Sealant replacement

Whether you are looking for a way to prevent mold and mildew problems, or a solution to repair an old seal that has weakened over the years, Les Entreprises JSDR inc. can help. Our weatherproofing techniques are efficient and adhere to the following steps:

Removing the old sealant

The first step is to completely remove the old sealant using a high-power multi-purpose tool. This ensures easy application for the new weatherstripping material and, in the end, a better seal.

Application of Ethafoam ™ rods

When joints are too wide to be filled only with sealant, this second step involves applying Ethafoam ™ rods to joints, creating a strong base for sealant adhesion.

Tidying the installation area

The third step involves cleaning all surfaces and applying a primer. This is to ensure that no dirt or dust will interfere with the adhesion of the new weatherstripping material.

Application of a new high-quality sealant

The fourth step involves applying new high-quality weatherstripping, according to the manufacturer's technical specifications, and to smooth the joints in order to obtain the best possible seal.

Contact Les Entreprises JSDR inc. to replace any old weatherstripping at your home or business, or on your industrial or commercial building.

Certificate of guarantee

At the end of our sealing or restoration work, we will provide you with a certificate of warranty with the following advantages

  • 5 year warranty of Entreprises JSDR inc, on the workforce
  • 10 year warranty from the manufacturer on all sealants

Products used

Les Entreprises JSDR inc, uses high quality sealants. quality to perform caulking work. These sealants are selected according to the surface to be treated and used in compliance with industry standards. Here are some of the brands of joint sealants we use:

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