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Weatherstripping Doors

Located in Saint-Eustache, Les Entreprises JSDR inc. can handle any projects related to weatherstripping doors.

Service zones: Laval - Montréal - North Shore - South Shore - Montérégie - Lanaudière - Laurentians

Weatherstripping doors to limit heat loss

The team at Les Entreprises JSDR inc. focuses all its attention on effectively weatherstripping your doors. Properly weatherstripping a door helps prevent water leakage, as well as the spread of any mold and mildew. The weatherstripping process also serves to insulate your home’s interior, or that of any other building. Fully equipped with the necessary tools and material, we have only one mission: to ensure your doors are watertight.

Weatherstripping doors makes it possible to set and maintain comfortable indoor temperatures

 Calfeutrage de portes   Longueuil

Let our professionals handle the weatherstripping for your doors

Les Entreprises JSDR inc. is your best choice for all matters related to weatherstripping doors. A poorly insulated door leads to drafts, moisture and dust entering the building. These different elements can seriously damage the structural integrity of your property. Our weathestripping professionals pay careful attention to details, always ensuring safe and secure work areas. Furthermore, we pay particular attention to how our finished product looks and complements your space.

Carefully executed weatherproofing projects

To guarantee your satisfaction, we perform every step with the utmost care:

  • Removing old seals from joints
  • Removing dust from joints
  • Cleaning up the weatherproofing areas
  • Applying new sealant

Contact us for any weatherproofing projects involving doors!

Certificat de garantie

À la fin de nos travaux de calfeutrage ou de restauration, nous vous remettrons un certificat de garantie comportant les avantages

  • Garantie de 5 ans des Entreprises JSDR inc. sur la main d’œuvre
  • Garantie de 10 ans du manufacturier sur tous les scellants

Produits utilisés

Les Entreprises JSDR inc. utilisent des scellants de haute qualité pour effectuer des travaux de calfeutrage. Ces scellants sont choisis en fonction de la surface à traiter et utilisés en conformité aux normes de l’industrie. Voici quelques-unes des marques d’agents de scellement de joints que nous utilisons :

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