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Les Entreprises JSDR

of our process

Our professionalism and standards of excellence are reflected from one project to another

Our meticulously defined process revolves around advanced techniques and top-quality caulking products, ensuring optimal protection against water infiltration and mold issues. Explore the steps of our caulking process.

Sealant Replacement

Are you facing challenges with mold or aging caulking in your building? Les Entreprises JSDR offers premium caulking solutions to effectively prevent and repair these issues. Our proven methods ensure optimal waterproofing and long-term protection against water infiltration.

Removing the Old Sealant

Our first crucial step in the caulking process involves completely removing the old sealant using high-powered tools. This approach prepares the surface for a smooth application of the new sealant, ensuring perfect and long-lasting waterproofing.

Calfeutrage et  imperméabilité à Montréal

Application of Ethafoam™ strips

For particularly wide joints, we use Ethafoam™ strips to create a solid support for the new sealant. This step ensures optimal adhesion and contributes to the overall effectiveness of the caulking.

Calfeutrage et  imperméabilité à Montréal

Surface cleaning

Before applying the new sealant, a thorough cleaning of the surfaces is conducted, followed by the application of a primer. This preparation is essential to remove any traces of dirt or dust that could compromise the adhesion of the sealant.

Application of a new high-quality sealant

Finally, we apply a premium quality sealant, strictly adhering to the manufacturers' technical specifications. Careful smoothing of the caulking joints is carried out to ensure flawless waterproofing.

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