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Les Entreprises JSDR

Sealing the future with
today's commitment


Your peace of mind, our daily mission

Les Entreprises JSDR is committed to guaranteeing the integrity and durability of your constructions through innovative and reliable caulking solutions.
Calfeutrage professionnel et de qualité


Our areas of expertise

We bring our expertise to multiple construction sectors, developing the future of the industry and redefining what's possible, one project at a time.
Calfeutrage industriel
Calfeutrage industriel


Our caulking solutions, specially designed for the industrial sector, ensure durability, energy efficiency and resistance in the most extreme conditions, thanks to the use of superior quality products. With our expertise in work at height and our commitment to innovation, we are equipped to carry out industrial projects of all sizes, thus guaranteeing a partnership that is both sustainable and efficient.

Calfeutrage commercial
Calfeutrage commercial


Transform and enhance your commercial spaces with our specialized caulking and door and window restoration services, which improve both aesthetics and energy efficiency. Our sustainable interventions increase the value of your property while reducing maintenance costs in the long term, with a solid guarantee and a solution precisely adapted to your requirements.

Calfeutrage institutionnel
Calfeutrage institutionnel


Our unmatched expertise in the field of caulking for institutions such as schools, hospitals, and government buildings creates healthier, safer, and more energy-efficient environments. Our specific know-how, combined with our commitment to quality and sustainability, positions us as the ideal partner for enhancing and protecting the structural integrity of your institutional facilities.

Our services

We redefine the standards of caulking

Tailor-made solutions that respect the uniqueness of each project, always distinguished by our unrivaled professionalism and the guaranteed durability of our work.

Our distinctive services

Expertise in high-altitude work

Our sophisticated equipment, combined with our expertise in high-altitude work, allows us to tackle the most demanding projects with safety and efficiency, ensuring durable solutions even under special conditions.

Caulking of doors and windows

The caulking of doors and windows ensures watertightness and increases the thermal and sound insulation of your buildings, thereby reducing energy costs and increasing comfort.

Caulking of expansion
and control joints

With the caulking of expansion and control joints, we ensure the protection and longevity of structures against movement and water infiltration, on all types of infrastructure.

Restoration of doors and windows

Window and door restoration combines aesthetics and functionality, increasing the value of your property while optimizing its energy efficiency and reducing the costs of a complete installation.

High-quality products

By using exclusively premium quality products for our caulking services, we guarantee exceptional performance and durability to all our projects.

Our recent achievements

Calfeutrage de bâtiments patrimoniaux


Westmount Greenhouses

Calfeutrage commercial en hauteur


The Solano

Calfeutrage institutionnel


University Hospital Center

of Montreal (CHUM) - Phase 2

Calfeutrage commercial en hauteur


Îlot Bamoral

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