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Les Entreprises JSDR

Our expertise
and our achievements

We bring our innovative touch to each project, proving that nothing is impossible.

Beyond our expertise in caulking, our distinction lies in our personalized approach and unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. Specialists in industrial, commercial, and institutional sectors, we are dedicated to providing custom solutions that not only preserve and protect your infrastructure but also enhance its energy efficiency and aesthetics. Our promise is simple: to deliver unparalleled excellence in every project, ensuring durability and complete client satisfaction.


Arts & Culture

Our caulking expertise takes on a creative dimension in the arts and culture sector. We intervene to protect and enhance spaces dedicated to creativity, ensuring the waterproofing and conservation of museums, art galleries and theaters, in harmony with their unique aesthetic.



At airport sites, our caulking solutions are designed to meet the strictest safety and durability standards. We contribute to the maintenance of global infrastructures, guaranteeing remarkable protection.



For the residential sector, we offer caulking solutions that improve the comfort and energy efficiency of homes. Our personalized approach ensures a seamless integration into the aesthetic of every home, from single-family homes to apartment complexes.



Our intervention in the industrial field is crucial to guarantee the safety and performance of installations. We offer robust caulking solutions for factories, warehouses and energy infrastructures, resistant to extreme conditions and industrial processes.


Sports & Entertainment

In sports arenas and entertainment centers, we apply our know-how to create secure and comfortable environments for users and spectators. Our caulking contributes to the durability and functionality of these large spaces dedicated to the public.



Educational institutions, from elementary schools to universities, benefit from our caulking services to provide a healthy and secure learning environment. We tailor our interventions to minimize disruptions and accommodate academic schedules.


Hotels & Accommodation

Our caulking services in the hospitality sector aim to ensure the watertightness of buildings, improve the guest experience by guaranteeing the thermal and acoustic insulation of rooms and common areas, while preserving design and comfort.


Hospitals & Medical clinics

Precision and hygiene are paramount in caulking hospitals and medical clinics. We provide solutions that support the sterility and safety of healthcare environments, contributing to the well-being of patients and medical staff.



For transport infrastructure, from road signs to railway terminals, our expertise guarantees the safety and longevity of installations. We offer caulking solutions tailored to specific mobility and weather exposure requirements.

Our recent projects

The Solano

The Solano project in Old Montreal illustrates our mastery in urban construction, thanks to meticulous work on caulking and flashing which guarantees waterproofing and aesthetic integration. This achievement underlines our ability to combine technical challenges and respect for architectural heritage.

Westmount Greenhouses

This project highlights our commitment to heritage preservation, with precise work such as glass installation and caulking, ensuring the durability and beauty of the building. It underscores our expertise in heritage restoration, demonstrating our ability to delicately renew historical sites.

University of Montreal Hospital Center - Phase 2

Our role in phase 2 of the CHUM, focused on caulking miter joints, reflects our expertise and dedication to quality and innovation in hospital construction. This delicate work guarantees the waterproofness and longevity of the structures, affirming our competence in the face of the technical challenges of major projects.

Îlot Balmoral

L'Îlot Balmoral, a gem in the Quartier des spectacles, stands out for its dynamic architecture. Our expertise in high-altitude work and in caulking interior glass has enhanced its aesthetics and longevity, highlighting our ability to successfully carry out ambitious projects with precision.

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