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The signature of our durability: DOWSIL™

Building the exceptional, sealing the future:
where each joint is a pledge of
durability and uniqueness.

By choosing DOWSIL, we prioritize a recognized excellence in the field of caulking, offering both impeccable sealing and remarkable flexibility, complemented by a wide range of shades for optimal aesthetic finishing. DOWSIL's ability to adjust to extreme conditions, from -29°C to 49°C, underscores its superiority in terms of performance for all your caulking needs, aligning each intervention with an environmentally respectful approach.

Our promise

Recognizing the perfect timing to undertake caulking works can prove to be a challenge, given the various variables and specifics of each building. That's why our choice has fallen on DOWSIL, a brand that excels not only for its exceptional performance and adaptive versatility but also for its unwavering reliability and uncompromising longevity. These products, renowned for their sealing properties and elasticity, offer a wide range of colors, allowing for perfect harmony with the aesthetics of each project. Moreover, the easy application of these sealants across a broad spectrum of temperatures, ranging from -29°C to 49°C, attests to their remarkable adaptability to the most demanding conditions.

We select DOWSIL sealants based on the surface to be treated, ensuring a perfect fit with specific needs and industry standards. This tailored approach, combined with DOWSIL's eco-conscious commitment, aligns our interventions with our values of environmental preservation. Proud of our partnership with DOWSIL, we pledge to bring to each project a sustainable, reliable, and environmentally respectful solution, thus ensuring spaces that are not only beautiful but also built to last.


Highly performing sealant available in 305 ml tubes (12 per box) and 591 ml sausages (16 per box), ideal for securing joints subject to dynamic movements as well as efficiently caulking openings such as windows, doors, panels, exterior insulation and finishing systems (EIFS), mullion joints, and much more.

Check out our Technical Data Sheet and explore the range of colors available by clicking here.

Calfeutrage commercial à Montréal


DOWSIL™ Contractors Concrete Sealant (CSS) is available in 305 ml (12 per box) and 591 ml (16 per box) formats. This sealant is perfectly suited for caulking joints in precast concrete panels, the perimeter of windows and doors installed on these panels, joints in Exterior Insulation and Finishing Systems (EIFS), as well as various other types of joints in construction.

Compatible with a wide range of building materials, including concrete, masonry, stone, ceramic, polished steel, and aluminum, regardless of their combination.

To access our Technical Data Sheet, please click here.

Calfeutrage commercial à Montréal


Tube format of 305 ml (12 units per box) and sausage format of 591 ml (16 units per box) - Designed for glazing applications, both structural and non-structural, and for assembling a wide range of structural panel systems.

To view our Technical Data Sheet and explore color options, click here.

Calfeutrage commercial à Montréal
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